Del Pedro

Del Pedro is a native-born Bermudian who left home over 30 years ago to pursue life and music in New York City. During his time in the Big Apple Del has honed his craft both as a songwriter and guitarist and continues to make music and perform in the city's clubs, cafes and bars. His love and lifelong pursuit of his musical muse can be traced directly back to his Bermudian roots which boast such legends of the Bermuda music scene as his uncle Gene Ray and his cousins Jeffrey Marshall and Derek Morris as well as his days at Saltus Grammar School studying music with (the dearly departed) Bill Duncan. Del's 2nd full-length CD "All That Is Solid Melts Into Air" will be released later this year, the follow-up to his well received previous effort "Rock Church". To date Del Pedro continues to survive in NYC without benefit of trust funds, corporate jobs or rich widows.

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