Francesca Dill

Though at the tender age of three, Francesca's nursery teachers would say that "Francesca simply sung her way through the day", her singing career officially commenced at age 6 when she joined Marjorie Pettit's St. John's Church Youth Choir. Performing her first solo that same year, Francesca had to stand on a chair, while the microphone was held by another member of the choir as she was so tiny. Francesca has been classically trained by both Marjorie Pettit and Granville Oldham, achieving distinction in the majority of her Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in the UK, so far obtaining Grades 1 - 5 Singing and Grade 5 Theory. Currently she is working on her Grade 7 Singing.Francesca's talent for music is not limited to singing, as she writes her own lyrics and composes her own musical melodies. She is self taught on the piano, playing by ear starting Christmas 2009. Francesca is not only inspired by contemporary music but that of the Opera and Musical Theater. Francesca is fifteen years old and lives in Bermuda with her mother and brother, while attending Warwick Academy. She speaks two languages fluently (Spanish and English), loves to draw and has always been a bit of a bookworm."I am grateful to my brother for putting up with my constant caterwauling and to my Mom for always being there for me and being my biggest critic while at the same time my biggest fan."

The song was recorded by Johnny Woolridge at Just Platinum Studios and ReMixed by Paul Muggleton at Big Ocean Studios in Weybridge.

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