Janita Larue

Janita come from a long line of musical people native to Bermuda. She grew up in the city of York in the United Kingdom. My grandfathers are Freeman 'King' Trott and Erskin Zuill, the famed popular calypso and island music artists. Janita grew up with music in her life with every aspect of it from instruments to performance and recording.  Performing from an early age in primary school, Janita got the taste for performance and later joined and formed two successful bands in the UK with over 20 original songs between the two bands under her belt. Writing music for Janita is a great way for her to express herself. Janita’s music changes with her mood whilst still holding her core style. Janita has received a lot of good feedback from many people. Her song "Dream" is the track being used on Ride the Wave 2 which she wrote shortly after getting married. The song is the story of how she met her husband and their journey together. "Dream" is her true love story, and Janita loves performing this song "Live"!

Dream was recorded and arranged at Just Platinum Studios by Johnny Woolridge. Latosha Codrington is on background vocals, TonyB on acoustic guitar.

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