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In its current incarnation, Mohawk Radio has been together since March 2010 and, through a lot of hard work and persistence, has accomplished much in such a short period of time. Mohawk Radio has performed live may times over the past year for a multitude of events, many of which were for specific charities, others simply for the joy of doing what the band likes to do best, play live music!

As a result of these activities, Mohawk Radio was extremely gratified to be voted by poll "Band of the Year 2010" in The Bermudian magazine.

Mohawk Radio has also been very pleased at the interest shown them through the numerous newspaper articles written about the band in the past year. Drawing from the diverse talents and experiences of the individual members of the band, Mohawk Radio is currently in the process of rehearsing and recording (live!) original music for the purpose of releasing their inaugural CD, "First Contact". Several original songs have been made available to the various DJ's of the local radio stations and Mohawk Radio is very pleased that these original songs have been welcomed so warmly and have received such support from so many people. Mohawk Radio is an active supporter of the local live music scene and of the other musicians who work so diligently to keep it viable, evolving and entertaining.

It is in this light that Mohawk Radio is delighted to showcase the original song "Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun" featuring a guest appearance by saxophonist Neil Burnie. This original song was recorded live with Neil at 2:00 in the morning and remains a favored memory of the band.


Mohawk Radio is:


Mia Page Chambray - lead vocals
Jamie Lovell - backing vocals, bass guitar
James Woolf - keyboards
Ryan Prevost - guitars
Alan Rowe - guitars
Jamie Petty - percussion


Mohawk Radio is currently seeking to build upon their success in Bermuda and to expand their musical horizons internationally. their musical horizons internationally. Mohawk Radio may be contacted at:


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