The Narrows

In late 2009, what began as a quasi chaotic combination of beats and melodies being pulled from several different genres, soon developed into The Narrows. Cullen O'Hara and Brodie Smith's musical collaboration dates back to the late 1990's where their punk influences helped them create their first band, The Cuztodians. From there, they each went their own ways, playing in several different bands with wildly different styles in several different countries until finally reuniting back in Bermuda a few years ago. From their eclectic musical tastes and experiences was born a sound which can be described as a fusion of indie pop, electro, reggae and modern alternative. In time, Amaury Symonds (bass) and Alex Thornton (guitar) joined up with Cullen (keys, vox) and Brodie (drums), to solidify this new movement and help to create an energetic, all-original live show and record their first, 3 song EP, "Planted in the City". The Narrows are currently polishing up several new tracks in hopes of releasing a full length album in the near future.

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