International artist Fiyah Marshall is one of the most versatile rising voices in reggae. His unique musical style fuses reggae & island vibes with an ever-widening expanse of sounds crossing multiple genres creating what has been called "Urban Dancehall". "Fiyah" aka Alex Marshall is not the easiest voice to place geographically. He was born and raised on the island of Bermuda spending many of his teen years in the UK. Currently he is based between Bermuda & Tampa Bay Florida. These varying cultural experiences allowed Fiyah to absorb an array of musical styles, which can be heard in conjunction with his definitive reggae influence. Music has always been an integral part of Fiyah's life, from an early age he has been inundated with many accomplishments from receiving stage 5 RSA singing, to vocal training alongside artists such as UK Pop artist sensation Lily Allen.


"I was very fortunate. I got to hear so many different styles of music and in my eyes it really gave me an upper hand.
I don’t like to feel constraints with my music. I like making music that crosses boundaries! Not only did I have my Bermudian influences, but being in the UK and the US as well exposed me to such different sounds from across the world that I found all fascinating! I wanted to mix it up!" 


Fiyah's music & style has always been associated by masses as a cross between Sean Paul, Shaggy, and Sean Kingston. To quote nationally syndicated DJ of 15 markets VJ Kidd Leow (93.3 FLZ & many more stations), "Fiyah Marshall is the total package, an artist full of drive, devotion, talent and the look that will be unstoppable once he can be heard by the masses. It's only a matter of time until the right opportunity allows him to blow nationally!"

To date Fiyah holds a substantial resume for his music career. His music has been heard and played in some of the best nightclubs ranging from mega clubs like Zen in Trinidad to Ultra Lounges such as Vintage & Scene in Tampa Bay. He has been called on to perform at various Locations ranging from Premium Nightclubs in the Tampa Bay & Caribbean areas to large capacity venues at events such as the Tampa Bay & Atlanta Caribbean Carnivals & legendary summer music jam Beach Fest in Bermuda. Fiyah has had the pleasure of opening for a variety of well known names such as; Sean Paul, Ivy Queen, Allison Hinds, Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens, Marlon Asher, Collie Buddz, Spragga Benz, Acafool, DJ Trans, Dead Prez, 2 Live Crew & many more...


Fiyah has been truly blessed with the skills, charm, and looks it takes to be successful in this game & he carries a motivation with him to make music for the masses that just won't quit. His hit single "Shakin’ It" is currently pumping through speakers internationally. Fiyah is also working diligently on a debut album 3 years in the making. Get ready cuz the Fiyah Marshall is making sure this will be one of the hottest albums of the year! In the words of Fiyah "This album is gunna be blazin hot!" The album is set to feature tracks from such critically acclaimed producers as Jimi Kendrix (Murder Inc, Ashanti, Ja-Rule, Jay Z), Grammy award winner Jason Pennock (The Heavy Weights, Pussycat Dolls, 2 Pac, Katy Perry), Ricky Ricardo (Eminem), DJ Trans (nominated for a Grammy by P Diddy), Stupid Genius & many more... The album will also feature tracks from international artists such as platinum reggae artist Marlon Asher (Ganja Farmer), hit rapper Acafool (Hata Blockaz), Youn Lye, DJ Trans (Get it Ma Get It, Ride Out), Mikel Soulhop (#1 Club track in Germany/Europe 2005), F2 of Latin League (opened for President Obama’s Inauguration), & many more surprises! Stay tuned for the Fiyah to be blazin in 2011!

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