Bermudian Giles Spurling ("Giles") has released 9 original tracks, his most popular being "Bermudian Gal", "Experience" and "One Life". He was first noticed publicly in 2004 when he performed Sean Paulís "Just Gimme The Light" live as a finalist in Hott 1075's Bermuda Idol Competition and received a standing ovation for his performance. Since then, he has opened up for Mr. Vegas, Bobby Valentino, and numerous other reggae stars. Most recently his song "Experience" was included along with Singing Melody, Mr. Vegas, KB, Dollarman, Natural Black, Lazo, etc. on an international Caribbean Music Album produced by Ryff Music.

To promote this album, Giles went on tour with Singing Melody and Ryff Music in New York City in June 2010 where he performed live at the Roseland Ballroom and his tunes were played on Hot97 FM and One Love Radio during interviews. He has cut dub plates for many DJs and Sounds including a dub plate for Stone Love which was played live at a Collie Buddz concert in 2007 in Bermuda. Giles has proven to be popular with a young audience and he has both a local and international following. Keep an eye out for a music video on TEMPO in the near future!

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