Life Sentence

"Life Sentence" is a band that lives up to its name. From its origins in the early 1970's through periods in which the band rarely got together to the current reunited edition, the members of Life Sentence have always acknowledged the chemistry that exists between them and keeps them committed to making good original music together. LS was formed in 1971 to provide a creative outlet for local musicians who wanted to find musical expression outside the borders of commercial pop music, and the nucleus of the original band continues today - Robert 'Sai' Emery (lead vocals and percussion), Clevie Astwood (bass), Dennis Fox (keyboards), Erwin Leader (drums), Jeff Marshall (guitar), Dennis ('Chickdee') Moniz (vocals and percussion),and David Skinner (lead guitar). Other members of the band over the years have included original founding member Roddy Marshall, David Perry and Tony Cox, and the band has been supplemented from time to time by numerous other musicians and singers including Tim DeHuff and Andrew Chamberlain.


Life Sentence made a successful debut opening for Curtis Mayfield at the City Hall in 1971 and went on to record at the former ZBM studios some of their early songs and an anti-drug message that was played on local radio. The band performed at numerous venues around the island and developed a strong following on the local music scene and was credited with inspiring both established musicians of the day and aspiring younger musicians.


LS disbanded in the 80's and although individual members continued to play in various bands in Bermuda, the US and Europe they only reunited in 2002 and since then have played the Bermuda Music Festival on three occasions and written and recorded new material. Most Life Sentence songs are written by Sai with collaboration on musical arrangements mainly by Jeff and David although everyone in the band contributes. Every rehearsal gives rise to new ideas and revisions that may come from anyone, meaning that the songs are rarely heard exactly the same way twice.


It is hard to describe the style of Life Sentence without recognizing the broad variety of influences brought by its members - from rock, jazz, R&B, funk and reggae to latin genres to name a few. We hope you enjoy the product of this musical collaboration with the song "In Paradise", a song dedicated to the experience of growing up "back o' town" in Bermuda in the 60's. It might evoke in some listeners a feeling of nostalgia for less complicated and confusing times.

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