Secret PoPo

Secret Po-Po is four highs-school musicians who got together forming the band for the first time in 2005. At this point in their embryonic stage of the band they were already composing music that would set them apart from any other young band in Bermuda. It was about having originals to play and not just covers. They hit the scene in 2006 performing for the public from parks to pubs.

In late 2007 they recorded their first single, Say What You Will, to be followed up with a full album in 2008. Secret Po-Po hit the airways in Bermuda and has built a following of fans.

The new single, Drink The Sun, was recorded at the end of 2010.


Secret PoPo are:


Matt Witkowski - Lead Guitar and Singer
Mike Mello - Bass
Harry Dunkley - Drums
Oscar Deuss - Saxophone and Keys

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