Sniper the Miracle Child

...Big up to all my fans I thank you so very much for your love. If you don't know, I love Reggae music... I was born in Bermuda and subsequently I was Bermudian! I am a descendant of a Portuguese Father John "Johnny Rabbit" Carreiro and a Portuguese Mother Lucy Carreiro. The educational institutions I attended were Elliot Primary, Gilbert institute, Whitney Institute and Berkeley Institute. Music of all genres has always appealed to me although REGGAE is what I play as a result of my father's preference. I have been collecting reggae since the age of 10 - my first CD being "Till Shiloh" by Buju Banton. As my collection grew so did my passion leading me to become a DJ and in turn an artist nicknamed Sniper. When I was a disc jockey I played at many venues and had my fair share of "clashes" As a young artist I experienced a couple of competitions - the first of which I lost but the second I was the victor.


As a person on this planet I have been challenged by many events of extreme caliber, the best being the birth of my son on 10 April, 2002. The most traumatic being a motorcycle accident on 5 November, 2004 - leaving me paralyzed from my sternum down. As my life changed so have my perspectives thus I rationalize with more clarity than I would if I were amongst the walking. As an aspiring artist I try to create music that enlightens and inspires. My efforts are the result of those who have supported me and continue to do so. I thank you sincerely and have true appreciation.

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