C J Swagga

C. Jay Swagga (Cadal Jamar Swan) is one of Bermuda's most talented and highly anticipated Hip Hop artist. Growing up on the island of Bermuda, in the White Hill aka Killa Hill, streets of Sandy's Parish, it was no doubt that music would eventually become a topic of interest, because of his musical surroundings. His Mother sang in a local group called The Third Dimension. Also many other family members had musical backgrounds, which was the beginning of his subconscious infatuation with music. He started writing rhymes, as a hobby, when he was 12 years old and would perform Kriss Kross songs at neighborhood parties and family gatherings, with childhood friend DJ Stylez. It wasn't until friends started hearing him rhyme and saying that he had a gift, which would eventually motivate him into taking music more serious.


In the year 2003 C. Jay and a group of friends, who also had an interest in music, formed one of Bermuda's hottest Hip Hop groups called LocTight. They began recording Mix tape albums and performing at various shows across the island and abroad. He used to go by the name S.I.N. (Such'n Incredible Nigga), but as the group eventually parted ways some years later, he evolved into a new image which we know today as C. Jay Swagga. This name originated from his government name, with C. J. being his first and middle Initials followed by his unique "Swagga".


Currently he is a solo artist, finishing off his debut project, under the Play Platinum Productions Label. Working alongside Shondell Easton, aka Doc Fabulous, they are creating a highly anticipated album that is soon to be released. Look out for C.Jay Swagga very soon, as he is sure to make a musical impact on the world.

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