The Waves

FREE was composed on February 11th 1990 by TonyB and Jimmy Duncan whilst on holiday in Barbados. We were sitting in Jimmy's beach house at Palm Beach, Barbados and we had the TV on....It was a momentous day in history as we were watching Nelson Mandela walk FREE after 27 years of imprisonment.


Jimmy & I both had our guitars out and Jimmy started to sing the song right away He was moved to sing FREE FREE FREE - "they opened the gates and he's FREE". From there we both composed the rest. We both worked on the music and lyrics, and I composed the original "Rap" section, which has now been updated by Junior Steven.


FAST FORWARD to February 11th 2011 and I am watching the TV in Bermuda as the Egyptians won their "FACEBOOK REVOLUTION" that day when Mubarak resigned. I knew that it was around the same time of the Mandela release years before and so I Googled the date. I was amazed that 21 years later to the day the people of EGYPT won their FREEDOM after years of dictatorship. I changed the "RAP" section to reflect the current times. I asked my good pal Johnny Woolridge if he would rearrange FREE for me...and he has done a great job for Ride the Wave Vol 2. Deric Dyer (ex Joe Cocker / Tina Turner, a Bermy, played Sax).


The Waves are:


Johnny Woolridge - Keys and programming
Whency Woolridge - Guitar & Bass
Lloyd Holder - Lead Vocal
Junior Steven - Rap
Latosha Codrington , Selange, Chris West, Francesca Dill - Vocals
Deric Dyer - Sax >> visit website

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